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Frequently Asked Questions


1How do I know if I’m ready to join?

The honest truth is you might not ever be 100% ready! And if you’re waiting for the “perfect time”, it might never happen. There will always be an excuse or a reason to put yourself on the back burner, and when you do that you’re only delaying your goals and dreams from becoming reality. If you’re eager to feel your best, create a lifestyle you are proud of and feel confident in your skin - then the time is NOW!

2Why start this right now?

In two weeks you'll feel it. In four weeks you'll see it. In eight weeks, you'll hear it. In three months you'll be glad you started today.

3Which program is best for me? (Gold 1:1 Program Info)

Premium 1:1 Coaching offers the utmost attention to detail, education and accountability & support. Programs are created specifically for you, down to the finest detail. Upon signing up I learn about you through an in-depth 8 page questionnaire where we go over your fitness/dieting history, energy levels, hormones, limitations, & much more. You are provided with customized macros and meal plans created with your favourite foods, access to the CBR Educational Course with new learning modules every month, you will be taught about nutrition and how to track macros & so much more. For accountability there are mandatory weekly check ins, monthly phone calls, and unlimited support via text to Coach Randi directly. This program puts an emphasis on customization, accountability & on going support. Helping you create healthy habits and sustainable results, together.

4Which program is best for me? (Silver Program Info)

The Silver Option is a great affordable coaching option. It does not offer the same customization that the 1:1 does. This program is self paced option for those not looking for ongoing support from a coach, but still seeking guidance and structure within their training and nutrition. With this option you receive new training programs each month. There is Home or Gym options available; Gym workouts are designed for a fully equipped gym, Home workouts require dumbbells only. Meal plans are designed with your goals, dietary restrictions and allergies taken into account, then the Confidence by Randi database will generate hundreds of recipes to best suit you. There are no check-ins directly with Coach Randi, but Email Support is provided. You will have access to a Private Facebook Community with likeminded women crushing they’re goals alongside of you.

5Is this program for experienced individuals only?

Definitely not! We work with individuals from all walks in life, whether you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before or are a competitive athlete. In fact, I take pride in how diverse my clientele is, as each client offers their own perspective and difficulties, where we can all learn from each other and succeed as a TEAM.

1Is there a minimum commitment for the program?

We have a minimum commitment of 3 months for Premium 1:1 Coaching. Why? Because success doesn’t happen overnight and the approach we use takes time and focuses on long-term and sustainable results. We don’t believe in extreme dieting or restrictive behavior as is it damaging to your body and mind in the long-run. This behaviour often leads to regaining the weight lost, plus more! 3 months is an ideal amount of time to work together, creating healthy lifestyle changes and habits that stick, and a realistic amount of time to create significant progress whether that be steady weight/fat loss or build muscle to your physique.

2Who will do everything for me?

Although we want nothing more than you to succeed, we can’t babysit you. We’ll give you the plan, knowledge, accountability, and support to reach your goals, but it’s ultimately up to you to put in the work. If you’re teachable and take action… you’ve already got the winning combination to be successful in the Confidence by Randi program. Trust the process, do your best every day and we guarantee you will see results.

As a side note, if you need help with items such as meal prep, recipes, and healthy snack options, we’ve got you covered with tips, exclusive videos and eBooks.

3Are the plans only available for individuals who workout at a gym?

No! Confidence by Randi has both Home and Gym options available to best suit every individuals needs and preference.

For the Gold Option: programs are created with as little or as much equipment as you have access too in your home gym.

Silver Option: Home Workouts requite dumbbells and resistance bands

4Cancellation Policies

Silver: if you feel the program is not a good fit for you, you can cancel your reoccurring payment for at any time. Please email support at

Gold: we work closely together to create your perfect program and ensure you thrive. Because of the time and precision these programs take to create, there are no refunds. However this has never been an issue throughout all my 8.5 years of coaching.


Randi Kennedy

When I first started my fitness journey I was in search of a healthy lifestyle that made me feel good from the inside out. I wanted to feel proud and confident. 

At the time I was 18 years old and quite petite. I wanted to learn how to build muscle and how to eat according to my goals.

Sadly most of the information available to women at the time (I’m looking at you Women’s Health & Cosmopolitan Magazine, circa 2012) was geared towards cardio, bodyweight style workouts and tons of fad dieting approaches. I was confused and had no idea where to start. Years later, I wanted to lose weight. I tried multiple dieting approaches that were both extreme and restrictive, because that’s what I thought it took.

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